Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring is spring-ing!

After a short Olympic break, I'm back...Congrats to all the athletes! Way to go, Canada...We had some incredible athletes. Joannie Rochette, such an inspiration, our hearts go out to her. Sidney Crosby is now a national hero, too. :-D The most GOLD medals by any country, EVER! The sea of red and white was so amazing, I think the Olympics brought a tide of change to Canada...We are no longer shy about our patriotism, and the fact that so many young kids were witness to it means it will stick around for a long, long time! Our three year old sees a flag now and starts cheering "GO CANADA GO"! It was great fun to cheer Canada on, I'm sad it's over now! :'(
We have been out in the garden planting bulbs, yes, very late...They were chilling out side all winter though so they should be OK, I hope!!! The crocus's are popping up, a sure sign of approaching spring in BC!!! I missed those crocus's...Funny thing, watching what starts growing in a garden that you didn't plant! This is our first spring here so we've been trying to figure out what everything that's popping up is! I took some pictures of the crocus's and somehow managed to catch a big fat bee having a snack! They are a little blurry, sorry! I was trying to get it on macro but I think I was too excited. LOL

Mystery green shoots beside the crocus...
The bee is right inside! He was so fat I'm surprised it held him...I finally started working on the china cabinet and discovered some lovely green/yellow/barf fabric behind the mirrors! Wow, is it ever UGGGGG....I guess it's there in case the mirrors break...I'm putting a paint-able damask wallpaper on the back and painting it the same colour as the dining room accent wall, a aqua blue/green...Close up of the detail...The big ugly handles on the side doors are coming off, I have little glass knobs to replace them all with. Yep, that says GO TEAM CANADA...lolThis is what my upstairs looks like right now! Yikes! I have to keep them covered so the paint doesn't get scratched by the kiddo's during the day. They shall not be uncovered until they have poly!!!! They would be destroyed, and not in a pretty, shabby way...
Drawer with new applique and first coat of primer! The drawers now just need one more coat of paint, poly, and new knobs. The little salt box I was talking about earlier, had to show it off for a closer peek...It's so cute it deserves it! The wall behind it still needs to be painted so don't look! I love how it's all worn on the left hand side from someone lifting the lid while they're cooking to grab a pinch! It's a cool antique kitchen accessory I found on Ebay a while ago. This is a normal day around here. Dog napping on the back of the couch, kid's terrorizing the kitchen...I need to put some locks in there!!! It's a non stop, daily battle keeping them out...They were so cute though, had to take a pic! Kara taught herself how to put pants on by herself yesterday, but it only works with her big brothers since they are roomier...She goes around the house putting on all his pants, shorts, and underwear now...Funny!!!! Big brother's shorts he had just put in the laundry...LOL! So proud though!And away she goes...little socks and all...Cole wanted to show off his best bud's..."Blue Jay" and "Nice Puppy"
The bruise? I have no idea...
CHEESE, MOM!I was featured on a friend's local blog, click here to check it out! It's a "get to know your neighbour" profile, it was fun to take part! Thanks, Gold River Buzz!
Until next time!

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  1. I can't wait to see that piece of furniture all finished. Great job on taking on that task! The picture of the kids...is adorable! enjoy those moments...they don't last forever!