Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best Price of All!

FREE! Yay! It's going to be the headboard for the smaller guestroom. It's meant to be a footboard, but it'll be great as a headboard! Just needs a paint job, of course! There's some veneer on the back that's peeling a bit, other than that, perfect! What colour, what colour...White, aqua, limmmme green...It's sort of too "deco" to be "shabby chic" so maybe I'll paint it a really fun colour?
I've been having fun on http://www.picnik.com/ making some collages and fun stuff to put on the blog-thanks for the tip, Johanna!
Not a long post today as it is bedtime for the monsters...And EVERY single cushion on the couch is on the floor...It looks like a bomb went off in here!
I posted my new bedding over at:
There are some inspiring projects over there, check them out! Wow. I love checking them all out!


  1. LOLOL, I'm laughing at all the cushions on the floor. I remember those days. I love your freebie! I think it would be fabulous as a headboard. I can't wait to see it when your done.

  2. pas de problems! glad you like picnik!

  3. LOVE free stuff! I can't wait to see what you do with it! Love the new design too :-)

  4. can't go wrong with free!
    I have awarded you with a happy blog award cause your blog makes me happy! Its like a tag idea, check out my blog to see how it works. Hope you'll join in.