Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paint help!!!

Think this will be OK in our dining room? I originally wanted a colour close to the middle of the store swatch, but when we were in the store awhile ago there was a big can of the top pop can swatch (thanks, creative hubby!) for $10. It was originally a $35 dollar can of paint, gotta love those mis-tints...I don't think we've ever bought a regular can! (oh-except for the dining set that needed to match the leather seats) More of a blue than the teal I was hoping for, but I think it looks pretty good, right? The taupe paint behind it will still be on the other walls as we are just doing a feature with the blue, and painting the back of the china cabinet blue too. The curtains are staying, I made them a month or so ago. I think the blue will highlight them, as they blend in more right now...It'll be a lovely shabby/beachy/vintage dining room I hope...That is the plan, anyway...
Beadboard would be awesome in there too, not sure if we can add it or not since we don't own the house. I think it would look fabulous but someone else might not! This little creation on my living room floor is the 3 year old's "train tracks". Made from his little sister's cloth diapers. (Fuzzi Bunz are the bomb, Mama's...They have both worn them, they're easy, green, and soft on those little bums!)
This picture also illustrates why I do my crafting and projects at night when the little "angels" are sleeping!
Perhaps we have a future engineer on our hands...
Until next time!


  1. If it's a rental, do you have to paint it back before you leave? The blue might be hard to cover up?

  2. I think the color is great-
    I look forward to seeing how it all turns out.
    I enjoyed visiting!


  3. That color will be awesome on the wall. You sure have a future engineer in the family, lol...Christine

  4. Thanks, Ladies...
    LOL Christine!
    I don't think we'd have to paint over the blue, if we were painting the dining room red or purple, I think we definitely would have to...They usually paint every time a new officer moves in, and since we're here for 4 years they'll definitely have to anyway.

  5. I love the train tracks!! I have a picture of my son's clothes laid out for school...if you lifted the slacks up, his underwear was there...and his socks and shoes were on each "foot area" is precious!

  6. Those colors are beautiful! They are very close to the ones I chose for my laundry room. The train tracks - awesome. An inspired little creator you have there.

  7. I love the color, I think it will be a beautiful accent.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, be sure and visit all week to enter some great giveaways. Today's is for New Orleans Saints fans, but the rest of the week will be mostly kiddie stuff.


  8. HI

    I did a similar paint scheme in my bathroom. Looks good. I came upon you via Show & Tell from My Romantic Home. I noticed you are from Vancouver. I am having a Olympic Opening Ceremony party (I have done this since Salt Lake) and I was wondering if you could give some ideas of typical/traditional food from the area? Or any places to on the web to find info. Thank You and you seem to be doing a great job on the house. Kathleen

  9. Kathleen-you signed in anonymously so I can't find you, but I'll try help you out if you make your way back here...You're going to laugh, but Vancouver was just voted "Best Chinese Cuisine" in THE WORLD by Conde Nast Traveller...The one major thing that all chefs will take advantage of is the abundance of fresh seafood-smoked salmon is definitely a BC treat...Smoked salmon/cream cheese dip, bacon wrapped scallops, seafood chowder with biscuits, fresh sushi...Victoria, BC (the capital) is a very British city, still famous for "high tea" at the Empress Hotel, so you could run with that...Little sandwiches, desserts, etc...
    I hope that helps you out! Good luck-it's a great idea, sounds fun! Where are you located?