Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome! Project Number One

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! The purpose for this blog is to get out there and mingle with other DIY and shabby chicster's-and maybe eventually start my own online store for my shabby overflow...I miss being "productive" since I am not able to find work here these projects are giving me the sense of accomplishment and purpose I've been missing. I literally start getting restless leg syndrome if I just sit around after the kids go to bed!

We just moved to our new house a few months ago, an upgrade from a city apartment to a huge 4+ bedroom house-so I have had some work cut out for me to fill it! (on a very limited budget, no less) I've always been pretty crafty and enjoyed working around the house, but prior to our move here I never had enough time to fully devote to it. Meaning I would have had alot of half finished projects! I have always had a thing for the "shabby chic" style, always appreciated antiques, silverware, the look of luxurious fabrics and prints...

Today I'll show you my first new house project-our bedroom. Since we are in a rental, we haven't painted the walls, as we would have to paint them back on our way out-I know it would make a big difference though! We might get around to it eventually though, as we will be here for 4 years. (This is a four year post for RCMP members-my hubby is a mountie) If we do paint it I think I would try match the paint to the fabric I used for an accent wall-and just a shade or two lighter all around. The bedroom is definitely the most "modern" of the house but I think it still has some old vintage charm to it...

So here's what I did: I made a "leather" headboard with a sheet of plywood, quilt batting, brown pleather, and some nailhead tacks. The fabric for the duvet cover and curtains was ridiculously cheap-it was an awesome find. I love the flocked damask on it. The accent fabric is a small diamond pattern that I think helps balance the big damask pattern-the colour matches perfectly-and man, was it a great buy! I think all the fabric in there was less than $50. The damask was 70% off I think. Woo Hooo! I bought the bedskirt as I wasn't up to that challenge quite yet! The nightstands are an old project from years ago-they're sort of a parchment effect, I'm not sure if it will stay that way or not-the rest of the room still has some coming together before I decide. Since the pictures were taken I picked up some matching curtain tiebacks, which looks alot better...I am going to change the bedside lamp out at some point as well. I'd show you the rest of the room but it is pretty boring still!

Before-boring, boring, boring....


I'm going to share this over at

Wow, are there ever some great projects over there! I love looking at everyone's projects.

Here's a preview of my next few projects-stay tuned for updates!

This couch I got for $50 on Craigslist-I am going to put new foam cushions on it, re-upholster it, and love it forever! It has great bones-and it will last forever-since we will be moving every few years we really need some solid furniture!

This pretty set was a $100 Craiglist find-8 chairs, huge table, china cabinet and hutch...Right now the table and 3 chairs are done, working on the rest and hoping to have it done by the end of the month. (uh-oh-I just set a deadline for I am painting it a cream colour, and will be distressing it, and rubbing a brown wash into the crevices to make the designs pop out. I am re-upholstering the chairs with the same cream colour, in pleather-with two kids velour is not a good idea! It looks really great so far and I will post in-progress pics soon. I am going to take the mirror out of the cabinet and replace it with an aqua and silver damask pattern wallpaper, the handles are being replaced with 'antigue' glass knobs, and I am going to add some resin appliques to really give it a romantic, shabby feel. I can't wait to start filling it up! I've had some great luck at the thrifts lately... I will share soon...I have some polishing to do first!
I leave you with a little slice of our own piece of paradise here on Vancouver Island! This is a waterfall about 10 minutes from our house.

Until next time!


  1. You got some great deals! I love the couch! A lot of my furniture came from craigslist also! There are some good deals out there!

  2. Your bedroom looks great Desiree! I especially love the headboard. You've inspired me to make one for my room now.

  3. It was really easy-didn't take very long either, but what a big change!

  4. I love that couch and your bedding is fabulous. I know what you mean about renting. I am going on 5 years now and still haven't painted! Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my doggie bed.