Monday, January 11, 2010

I love this colour!

Inspiration! I must find something to paint this colour...I love it! Maybe the wood on the couch...Or a side table? Soooo pretty.

No projects for me today, just finished up the 5 dining chairs-3 more to go, yay...Then onto the sanding and poly stage...I did make some creative peanut butter/oatmeal cookies though! It was a bit of an experiment since I am out of eggs. I just added milk and they were quite edible, all 4 of them!

On a different note, can anyone recommend a quick, easy, graphic design crash course? Preferably free? LOL! I'm giving this online store idea quite a bit of thought but definitely need a bit more knowledge in that area before I get started. I'd like to make up a little logo-I have it all planned out but can't quite peice it together.

Thanks to everyone that has stopped in-I love seeing all those little dots on the map and seeing where everyone is from!


  1. Hi Desiree! Yippeee a fellow blog friend and RCMP friend at that!
    Great blog-I love shabby chic vintage are one step ahead of me though because I never get around to the finishing part.
    This may be a silly answer but for blog headers and text on photos I use picnick and picasa ....both free and super easy....take care friend!

  2. Perfect-thanks for the tip-I honestly have *no* idea about any of it! :-)

  3. I too love love love this color!