Friday, February 5, 2010

A $10 dining room makeover! (this project, anyway!!)

Hooray for mist-tints, a $10 makeover to the dining room! And enough left over for the back of the china cabinet and a million other projects. I also made those curtains a few months ago now, (that's why I didn't count them) for about $14, the fabric was $3.50/m. They have a really cool textured diamond pattern. I found the little scone curtain brackets at the thrift store for $2 and with some dowel we had already, we are trying out a new look. It will need some white paint and finials at some point, but it will work for now...I haven't properly introduced them so here they are...New window treatments by MOI. LOL

Yep, the dowel definitely needs paint and finials! Don't look... :-P
In the light of day before the curtains went back up. The long picture was sort of what we were working around colour-wise, so we're pretty happy with it!
The chandelier is straight up uggggg, we know...There are rumours all the out dated lighting is being replaced, fingers crossed!!!! Since they are putting in a new kitchen starting Monday I don't think I'll jump on that bus quite yet. (Can't wait to see what they are putting in-apparently they're maple cabinets, nickle hardware, and a taupe countertop-easy to work with that palette!) The cabinet installers will be here Monday-Wednesday so I'll post the before and afters as soon as it's decent again. We started packing up the cupboards tonight, so the kitchen has exploded into our bedroom to keep the kidlets out. Locks are a great invention. :-)
The taupe wall to the right of the window will be dressed up, it's on the list, don't worry...Since I can only work at night it takes me awhile to get it all done!
Just to prove I HAVE actually accomplished something...

The first pic is right when we first moved in. It looks so bare and lonely!
Before I started the "new to us" dining set transformation, and new curtains up...(the old metal curtain rod and hold backs seem to "light" for the look, but I have a new home for the hardware elsewhere.
Today! See, it's coming along...The furniture takes the longest, of course, but once it's done all the little finishing details will all come together for my shabby/beachy look.

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How can the little monkey sleep like this???? Crazy!


  1. Your dining room looks amazing but those pictures of your sleeping angel are priceless! What a cutie!

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend, Natasha.

  2. Great makeover! And love the photos of your little guy. They do fall asleep in the strangest places/positions, don't they?! lol

  3. Looking great! I am trying to redo my dining room too- good for you you got the window treatments done, thats the hard part I think...keep us updated on further changes! Your lil guy is precious, it brought back sweet memories of when mine were that tiny! Enjoy!

  4. Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but what is a mist tint? Looking great and good luck with the kitchen!

  5. OOh, It looks so restful now, I guess your little sweetie thought so, too. Great job and great budget! Lezlee

  6. Love the way the dining room is coming along Des - it looks great!

    Sleeping pics are too cute - is that an overturned drawer he's sleeping on?? LOL

  7. That looks really pretty, you did such a good job! I love the pics of your little one sleeping too:)

  8. I love the colors. You did a fantastic job.
    Sweet little sleeping child - love it.

  9. Your dining room looks great! And isn't it amazing how kids can sleep anywhere and in any position?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Kat :)