Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello, new kitchen!!!!

Here we go! Keep in mind, there are still painters and new lighting to come, plus more personalisation and a window treatment. I found a cool handmade vintage table cloth that I'm going to make into a valance. My windows are filthy, sawdust and other assorted goodies...Sorry. LOL!!! Check the last post here for the "before" pic's.
At the end of Day One it looked like this!New sink with pull-out faucet. And some flowers from my son. He had to have them when we went grocery shopping, he ran right over, picked them up and carried them around the store. They were dropped once and a leaf or two went missing, as to be expected...LOL
Light maple cabinets with satin nickel handles. Gross walls now, don't look...Do you like the little old salt box? I do...It's all grungy and adorable...(good grungy, not yucky It has little worn spots where the lid had been lifted over the years. I have no idea how old it is, I would think at least 70 years judging by the construction...1940's...Somewhere around there?
I love how the fridge is framed in, the cupboard above even has room for my turkey platter!!! It had to sit on top of the cupboards before.

Finally a dishwasher after almost a year of not having one...HEAVEN...It was a freecycle goody!!! It works great, thank you freecycler! The window will be much happier with some dressing. The blinds are great for privacy, but I think a little window treatment adds so much more personality. I need a little rod. The old coffee grinder on the wall was a gift from my Dad a few years ago, it's a West German antique, and it now has a little Delft mold to accompany it. My sister brought back a cool black and white print of row houses from Amsterdam that will go above them. Darn, that's what I forgot...Something to mat around it, the frame is a bit big.
This area had a tall pantry, and a very low, small, useless counter top. I now have TRIPLE the counter space, I love it...I'm still getting used to the drawers on the bottom, there's one lazy susan on the other side.
So there it is! Any thoughts on paint colours? I have those delft blue accents, lots of taupe, the dining room has an aqua green/blue so I don't want it to clash when you look from one room to the other. Maybe a blue/grey...Yellowy cream...I have no idea!!!! Definitely something more exciting than white. LOL

This is a picture from the Olympic torch parade yesterday, a local ran with the official torch back in October and brought it to the elementary school, were they had a parade with it to the town square. My little and big Mounties are pretty cute! I love the way Cole is standing with his hands behind his back, just like Dad. Too cute. He had to run over and stand with him, everyone thought it was pretty funny...He grabbed onto Dad's leg when I went to go get him. Turkey!!!!

Until next time!


  1. Hi Desiree
    I like your new kitchen.. clean and fresh.. you must be pleased!
    and your pic of your two mounties is adorable.. how cute your little one is with his hands behind his back.. as you say.. 'like dad'!!

    Great image...

  2. updates please!!!