Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rainy Day Kitchen

With the exception of some new paint, and light fixtures, which are coming at some future date unbeknownst to us, this gloomy kitchen is history! Yep, it was straight up 1989. Grey cabinets, burgundy handles and counter tops. Who had the bright idea to put grey cabinets in the rainiest place on earth??? Hey, we were fine with it, the rest of the house is great, rent is dirt cheap, no complaints from us. However, when a phone call comes offering us a new kitchen, and we know we will be posted here at least 4 years, HECK YES! We'd love a new kitchen! The cabinet man will be back tomorrow for some final touches, and then the reveal....I can tell you, it is a million times brighter in there! Don't mind the messy kitchen, it was right after we had moved in. Stay tuned, for some AFTER pic's!
Other than spending 2 1/2 entire days last week keeping the troops fed, out of the kitchen, and entertained, not much happened last week...I've been watching the Olympics like a mad person, right from that last torch day through Vancouver, we're having a great time, and getting the kiddo's to practice their "GO CANADA GO" cheers...We must be ready for those double gold medal hockey games.... ;-)
Freestyle Moguls have been added to my "must watch" list-they don't take all day, they're highly entertaining and Canada finished very well! Silver in Women's, and our first Gold in Men's! The hard work of all the athletes and some of their incredible journeys are so moving. They are super-humans in so many ways, not just their sport.
I discovered a little "junk-tique" store in town last time we were in, about 2 weeks ago. Lots of browsing for now, but I love seeing all those vintage displays and getting inspiration...There's a cool mix of the more traditional antiques, furniture, silverware, and retro finds, with a bit of west coast fishing lodge thrown in...
I've been rather unmotivated of late, but now that the kitchen is no longer inhabiting my china cabinet I can start on that soon. All the supplies are ready, just waiting on me...

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